Blechnum tabulare

Blechnum tabulare gets it’s name after Table Mountain in South Africa. This is a fabulous evergreen fern with very strong pinnate, thick leathery fronds. These can reach a size of 1 metre / 3 foot when the plant is mature. It will form a trunk in time up to 60 -90cm / 2 to 3 feet after many years but like the rest of the other Blechnum species it is not considered a true tree fern.

It should be planted in the semi-shade to full shade. It will form a colony in time, with new ferns sprouting up around the base of the main plant.

It is still quite rare in cultivation and a fern well worth getting. We have a variety of sizes available from juvenile plants up to ones with emerging trunks in 35 litre pots. These are truly amazing plants and are, in my opinion, a must have in a fern collection. (That is of course alongside Blechnum cycadifolium).

Hardiness: Hardy to -5 Celsius for short periods of time. Should your fern die, do not remove as it is most likely a new fern will emerge from the base of the previous fern that died.

p.s. Blechnum tabulare should not to be confused with any of the other Blechnums, especially Blechnum chilense – totally different fern.